The Devil and Dustin Andrews

The Devil and Dustin Andrews

Editor’s Note: Meet Dustin, a.k.a EveryGiants. He’s a little shy, but you’ll warm up to him just like we have. 

By EveryGiants

When asked to describe myself, my views, and my influences I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of unfamiliarity. Very rarely do I talk about myself, rarer do I find myself writing about the subject of me. But for the sake of a challenge and the sudden emergence of opportunities being thrust upon me let’s give this a go.

My name is Dustin Andrews. I am currently in two bands that go by the names of Every Atlas and Of Us Giants. I’ve been writing, producing, and performing music for about four years now. It’s become a part of me. Just having conversations about music calms me down. It lets me be me. It’s far from a crutch. But it is very dear to me. And it’s something I’ll hold on too for a very long time.

Being brought up mainly in a country based household, at a very early age I found myself bored with music. Cut off and uneducated in any other genre of music I had nearly given up. But there was a turning point. There are two bands that changed my view and life for the better.

Manchester Orchestra’s “I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child” and Brand New‘s “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me”.

A random tumblr follower described how they felt when they listened to it best; at least on a personal level they did. They stated, “When I listen to these bands they give me the chaotic, unnerving feeling of dying but at the very same time being completely okay with it.”

I could never agree more.

Currently Dustin performs guitar and vocals for Every Atlas and Of Us Giants, and contributes his thoughts as EveryGiants for

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