Every Atlas – Peeled Back

Editors Note: One of our biggest fans, and past contributor Emily Corpuz, takes a look at QYP veterans Every Atlas during their early days.

By Emily Corpuz

Now it begins with the strumming of a guitar, followed by the picking of a bass and beat of a drum. Then, we hear a pair of voices unlike any heard in the show so far. Creative lyrics, epic sounds, and beautiful harmonies saturate every element of their music. Of course, I’m describing the band we’ve all come to know and love as Every Atlas.

The lineup consists of Alex Periera, Dustin Andrews, Chris Dunne, and Manuel Lopes, a group that puts their hearts and souls into creating beautiful music. However, the Every Atlas I knew a few years ago was verydifferent.

Almost four years ago, Every Atlas was simplistic, small, and completely acoustic. They weren’t part of a record label like QYP, they didn’t record in studios, and show opportunities were very scarce. Instead of the four members, the band had only two; Dustin and Alex.

I met and heard some music from Dustin first, who later introduced me to his band-mate, Alex. However, it wasn’t until they invited me to a rehearsal I realized listening to them together sounded much more complete then listening to them apart. In my opinion, this is the obvious reason why they work so well together. Alex is much more detail oriented when it comes to playing the guitar parts, while Dustin is focused more on what his vocals sound like. As cliché as it may sound, they have exactly what each other needs.

In those days they were only two friends singing in a garage, playing their hearts out, and writing what they pleased. When recording time came, things became more interesting.

Dustin invited me to go along and listen to them record their music. I pictured a fancy studio with quality recording equipment, but when I arrived that image was thrown completely out the window. The “studio” was Alex’s parents’ house and a computer with a tiny microphone, some recording software, and blank CD’s.

There were constant mishaps throughout the session, and dozens of re-takes. I specifically remember both of them complaining about how they didn’t have a pop filter to clean up the sound, and attempted to remedy the problem by putting a sock over the microphone.

Talk about humble beginnings.

Opportunities to play shows were much harder to find than it is for the new “full-band” Every Atlas. Back then, Los Banos was going through its hardcore music phase, and the only place to get a show was Hot Dog Heaven, or at Smoothie King with hardcore bands from around the county. Since Alex and Dustin’s music was much more indie then Hardcore, they usually had to opt out of shows with hardcore rock bands. Nevertheless, their music prevailed.

They went from searching for themselves in a garage, to going on tours, and scheduling shows left and right at amazing venues. Dustin and Alex took what gifts they had in their earlier years, and grew them into something incredible that everyone can enjoy.

I’m very proud and happy to see that they’ve grown so much and continue to do so in every aspect. Every Atlas has truly transcended their goals over the span of time that I’ve known them. I can honestly say to you, as a witness to the growth of the band, that all of them are absolutely meant to write the amazing music we so desperately crave and admire.

Want to hear the past, present, and future sounds of Every Atlas? Check them out at our store!

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