Artist Interview: WolfTongue

By Valley Taylor

I recently sat down for an interview with Leben Bleasdale, singer and sole member of Sacramento band WolfTongue. It was a great chance to get in the mindset and process of creating a seamless work of art, like the band’s new EP “Young Haunts”.

VT: What local and professional bands inspired you during the creation of “Young Haunts”?
LB: As far as professional bands go I had a vast range of influences; too many to even recall. I certainly took something away from (them all), but primarily, Daphne Loves Derby, and The Dangerous Summer. There is a lot I took away from these two groups in particular regarding song structure, and a lot of inspiration as far as the boundaries of lyrical content.

Locally there are a TON of bands I looked towards as far as inspiration, there are ton of great musicians I’ve developed great relationships with over the writing/recording process. Again, it’s impossible to name all of them but to name a few: The American Scene, Common Crooks, Word of Man and a close friend of mine Robbie Gardunio. Robbie is a talented musician involved in a ton of projects, who also has a solo acoustic project. He’s actually a significant driving force behind my desire to just pick up a guitar and start writing.

VT: Who recorded the EP and where did you record it?
LB: The entirety of writing and pre-production was done with Ben Story at Novella Studios in my hometown of Dixon, California. The EP was recorded with Aaron Pauley at his home studio in Vacaville California.

VT: What instruments and amps did you use? Were there any odd methods you used while recording the EP?
LB: I was really fortunate and had ton of available resources as far as instruments go. The acoustic guitar was recorded on this really awesome “Fernandes” six string and all the electric split up between this Fender original 79′ telecaster deluxe and a Gibson semi hollow body. The bass was Fender P, can’t remember the year/serial number but they were all really fun nice instruments to play, and to be honest I felt out of place amongst all the nice equipment.

It was my first time really stepping out and writing solo so everything for me was super experimental, I had no preferential sound so to speak so everything just manifested really organically, there was no live tracking other then the acoustic guitar, everything else was done on amp simulators. Either cubase or logic pro, it was a fun experience but nothing too out of the ordinary. The main experimentation was with the leads and we did our best to channel some Minus the Bear-esque tones by exchanging reverb and messing with delay rates/ tempo syncing and a little glitching here and there.

VT: What are the plans for WolfTongue? Putting together a full band? Playing local shows or tours?
LB: The project was originally intended to be a studio project but as it started gaining a lot more local support I began playing a few acoustic sets here and there. I’ve been considering doing a quick run of acoustic shows and perhaps a full band performance in support of the EP. I’ve been talking to a few musicians about it, but for the moment it’s really just touch and go!

VT: What is your favorite lyric on the EP?
LB: Favorite line: “I’ll let your ghost fill up my lungs I’ll let it reside” -Young Haunts

Bleasdale also makes music with his friends in Surrounded By Seas.

Pick up Young Haunts here, and catch up with WolfTongue on Facebook

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