“Of Us Giants” Release First Music Video

Turlock, California – Indie/Folk band Of Us Giants and Ontario Canada’s To The Pointe Dance Project have teamed up in releasing a new music video for the band’s single “Soil.” The video was released this week through Quote Your Pulse Records and is garnering a lot of buzz on social media sites, including Youtube. The project was directed by 3 Pint Productionsfrom Toronto, Canada and is the result of months of hard work.

The concept for the music video came about when Alyssa Nedich of To The Pointe Dance Project approached the band through their Tumblr account about the possibility of using one of their songs for a dance number. From there, a friendship blossomed between Of Us Giants and the Canadian dance troop. Soon after, auditions were held and 7 dancers were chosen to portray the story of “Soil,” a highly emotional and personal song written by Of Us Giants member Dustin Andrews.

Breathtaking choreography was developed and a talented cast was assembled by To The Pointe’s Alyssa Nedich and Carly Arnott. The number was rehearsed several times before a crew from 3Pint Productions was brought in to film the video. Lead characters Chelsea Allin and Michael Crawford, who portray the roles of scorned lovers who simply could not make their relationship work, were backed by a spectacular ensemble consisting of Vasilisa Atanackovic, Cassandra Bowerman, Alexandria DiFazio, Sarah Dowhun, and Alissa Rogers.

As a way of celebrating the release of the new music video, Quote Your Pulse Records is now offering the debut effort from Of Us Giants “Stitch – EP” as a free download.

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