Artist Interview: WolfTongue

By Valley Taylor

I recently sat down for an interview with Leben Bleasdale, singer and sole member of Sacramento band WolfTongue. It was a great chance to get in the mindset and process of creating a seamless work of art, like the band’s new EP “Young Haunts”.

VT: What local and professional bands inspired you during the creation of “Young Haunts”?
LB: As far as professional bands go I had a vast range of influences; too many to even recall. I certainly took something away from (them all), but primarily, Daphne Loves Derby, and The Dangerous Summer. Continue reading

Road Trippin!

Hey QYP Fans,

NadaHipster (a.k.a. Chris from Every Atlas) is embarking on a cross country road trip tomorrow morning, from California to Philadelphia.

Stay tuned to our photostream to see what’s up in the big ol’ U.S. of A.

Will he make it? Is he crazy? Will there be enough music pumping through his speakers?

20120804-225311.jpg         20120804-225324.jpg            20120804-225339.jpg

The Midnight Show (R.I.P.) soundcheck at Hot Dog Heaven

Growing up with the scene: A fan looks back


Editor’s Note: One of our biggest fans, Lolvia Yella, looks back at her local scene and how QYP influenced her musical tastes. Happy reading!

By Lolvia Yella

There are two things I’m into: shows and music. The two basic materials someone needs to survive, besides food, water, oxygen, and shelter. But for me, it’s a radical experience

It started when I was in the 8th grade, when the hardcore scene was a huge thing in Los Banos. I mean HUGE! Everyone and anyone who was looking for a wild, yet potent style would be downtown at Hot Dog Heaven, (one of the only places to see a show) standing outside in a long line, waiting to get inside to show off their moves. It was sort of like a disco-tech for the modern age. Continue reading