Creative Emissions: Back in the swing of things

By Bryan West

In 2009 my friend, Mr. Jon Jennings, decided to launch a record label and concert promotion organization. I say “organization” because there is very little money to be made in the local music scene. If you break even after a show, it’s a damn good night.

Starting a label or a band is a ton of work, and it must be done out of love; love for music, creativity, and, most importantly, the people. Quote Your Pulse has always felt to me like an organization of creative people who simply want to share their creations.

Feed a hipster, donate $10.00 to QYP today!

At Quote Your Pulse, you won’t find un-crossable genre lines. There are no “5 record deals,” just an expectation to show up, play, and support your fellow musicians. QYP supplies the venue, you supply your ideas. There is a true community here and that is something very special.

In my 3+ years playing with Explosion Sauce , I experienced promoters refusing to pay bands due to lackluster turnout, venue owners threatening to have me arrested, and city funded shows where we were censored and our set cut down to 3 songs. It is sad when the local scene can be as suffocating as the major labels, when local music can be something truly special.

At a local show, you can experience unrestrained creative energy. These musicians have nothing to lose, only pure ideas and the boldness to put themselves (and their art) on stage for all to judge. Promoters like QYP do what they do out of love for the scene. (I would also like to give a shout out to another great local promoter, Grand Fanali)

These days I haven’t had much time to create anything music-wise due to my job. I’m a supervisor for a conservation corps, so I do a lot of traveling. Sometimes I am out camping for over a month at a time for work. It’s fulfilling, but I have missed the creative outlet I had when supplying (bad) vocals for Explosion Sauce.

Earlier this year, I was thrilled to see QYP return to my news feed announcing their triumphant return. I wanted to get involved, but my schedule requires constant travel, and I didn’t really have time for another band. When I learned of their plans to launch a website, I jumped at the opportunity. I asked Jon if he would like me to write some ramblings, and his answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Now, I’m far from declaring myself a “writer,” but I do have some ideas and stories to share. I plan on making “Creative Emissions” an auto-bio geek/pop culture column and will do my best to keep writing new articles to be posted the first Wednesday of every month (perhaps more, but hopefully no less).

Hopefully, you will join me for my musings on music, movies, comics, and art. All viewed through a sentimental lens, and I apologize in advance for my poor grammar. *

Love and Respect,

Bryan E. West

The views expressed in this article are solely those of Bryan West. They do not represent the opinions of Quote Your Pulse or any affiliated bands. Please direct all hate mail to For more Creative Emissions you can log on to Bryan’s Tumblr

*Editor’s Note: We’ve got your back buddy

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