Quote Your Pulse highlights California’s music scene, releases mixtape

The valley is alive with the sound of music. From pop and punk to folk, indie, and rock, “Central California Mixtape”, the newest release from record label Quote Your Pulse, proves you don’t have to travel far to find talented new bands. Featuring over 40 unsigned and unknown California artists, the free release compiles quality sounds for all musical tastes.

“The goal of the mix tape is to showcase good, homegrown music,” said Quote Your Pulse owner Jonathan Jennings. “Too many people think you have to drive to the bay or southern California for a good show, which is flat out not true. This release, and overall goal of the label, is to change that stigma and support artists who are really, truly talented.”

“Central California Mixtape” furthers the label’s mission by featuring acts from valley cities like Modesto, Sacramento, and Fresno, but also smaller towns like Santa Nella, Oakdale, Hilmar, and more.

“Quote Your Pulse has been great for local music,” said Dustin Andrews, vocalist/guitarist for Every Atlas and Of Us Giants, two bands featured on the compilation. “There is a new sense of community. It used to be we’d play shows and our fans would be bored because they didn’t like or know the other bands we played with. Now we play shows with bands they have heard of, and we know they are going to have a good time, listening to good music,” said Andrews.

“My hope is ‘Central California Mixtape’ helps music fans find their new favorite band or song,” said Jennings.

Quote Your Pulse has been supporting musicians since 2009, initially by booking and promoting shows and concerts. The label now offers additional support through record releases, merchandising, and networking opportunities.

“Central California Mixtape” is available for free here

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